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By the Skin of Her Teeth: Erendira Wallenda’s Daredevil Stunt Over Niagara Falls

On Thursday, Erendira Wallenda successfully hung by her teeth and then by her toes while dangling from a helicopter over Niagara Falls, 300 feet (91 meters) above the water. According to the Wallendas, her stunt broke a world height record set in 2011 by Nik Wallenda, her husband, who hung by his teeth at a height of 250 feet (76 meters) above Silver Dollar City In Branson, Missouri.

Thursday marked a special occasion for the Wallendas, as it was five years ago to the day that Nik Wallenda infamously walked a tight rope over the Falls, and Erendira’s stunt was intended to honor his anniversary. “I remember watching Nikolas as he was crossing the falls and thinking, ‘I wonder what it would feel or look like,’” Erendira recalled to WIVB News. “I was never thinking that five years later, I would have the same opportunity. I feel blessed.”

The daredevil couple hopes to encourage visitors from around the world to come and see the natural wonder of Niagara Falls for themselves.