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Elephantastic at The Buffalo Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo hosted their annual Elephantastic Event presented by Rainforest Cafe on June 4th, 2016. The Rainforest Cafe sponsored this event which calls attention to the endangered status of the global population of Asian elephants.  ElephantasticThis event was also held to celebrate two specific Asian elephants, Jothi and Surapa.  Some of the activities held at this incredible event were elephant bio facts and raffles, games, prizes, activities and coloring for kids and adults. There was also Elephant Keeper Talk, followed by Elephant Art with Surapa. The itineraries were given away with purchase of tickets so you didn’t miss a thing!

Elephantastic was a spectacular event where many people joined together to celebrate these amazing animals.  With over 1,200 animals at the Zoo, there is definitely not a lack of exhibits to explore. People even had once-in-a lifetime experiences, such as touching elephant hides and bones. The park was very easy to navigate and the staff members were extremely helpful if anyone had questions.

We are very proud to have been a part of this amazing event and to help spread awareness about this endangered species. Thank you to the Buffalo Zoo for having us!