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Fun at the Lilac Festival

This past weekend, we were able to venture out to Rochester, NY for the 118th Lilac Festival. With this being our first time at the Lilac Festival, we were able to explore the park and meet a lot of local people. On one of our first days they had a parade to show off about 20 different marching bands, local dance studios and a local horse range. Also, Miss New York and Little Miss were riding along. They had other floats and companies of the Rochester area come to walk in the parade.  After the parade, they had different bands playing and a great set up to watch and listen to music. The park was beautiful; all the flowers were just starting to bloom. There were different paths to walk and look at all the flowers and trees. The setup of the park was easy to navigate through, with signs and maps of the park to tell you where everything was located. They had booths for all different kinds of products and were promoting other companies as well.

The festival was for all ages, they had wine tastings for adults, and bounce houses and rides for the kids. There were some food trucks from restaurants in the area and food stands with candy apples, cotton candy, hotdogs, hamburgers and other delicious snacks. There were also tents set up for food vendors to sell kettle corn, smoothies, and beef jerky. Overall, the food was good, it was a safe atmosphere for kids, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Whether you were a regular visitor or a first-timer, you quickly learned that every day at the Lilac Festival brought something new and exciting, and that there was something for everyone!